Unwanted, rejected, forgotten, alone
I know these things aren’t true but I still can’t control
The way I always feel every time that she is gone
There’s no time when she’s gone feels like she’ll never return

An eternity for me goes by in seconds for her
What the fuck is wrong with me because I’m the only one who hurts
I’m just way too attached; now I feel like an ass
I tried to tell her how I feel and I just made her upset

She makes me so happy; I’ve never felt like this before
But I don’t know…

Remember those bonfires every Friday night
And all the excitement of youth in our hearts
All of a sudden, by chance there was a spark
An unexpected love that burned so bright

A long chain of events that happened just right
Led to this very moment, and changed our lives
Shattered my world and melted the ice
Showed me for the first time what real love feels like

It all happened so fast, dry leaves going up in flames
And as the weeks passed, the fire remained
As is the way of nature, it’s no longer a raging blaze
Yet the love still…

Working long hours underneath the warehouse lights
Where it’s never quite day and it’s never quite night
Counting the hours until the time is right
Gotta get that pay; can’t afford to sleep tonight

Sleep a couple hours in the bright daylight
Run a couple errands while there’s still a little time
Sun goes down; I’m ready to fall asleep in bed
Now it’s time to go to work; got a long week ahead

Paycheck arrives but it’s never enough
Half a day goes by and there’s barely anything left
Food and gas and smoke, bills and car repairs
It just never fucking…

It’s hard to be alone with my thoughts
But you make it all okay
Alone with my feelings they get dark
But you make it all go away

When I look into your eyes
I have never felt this way
You’re all I can think of when we’re apart
And I hope that you will stay

All the struggles of being alive
You make it all worth it
Knowing that in a short time
I can see you again

Now that I have you in my life
You’re what makes my heart tick
You’ve given me a warmth inside
That’s forever changed everything…

I never thought it possible
No love that I could find
But I want to live every moment
With you right by my side

Isolated and cold
Spinning in circles inside my mind
I thought it was the safer path
Until you melted all the ice

You made me question everything
And I feel more certain the more time passes by
Slowly beginning to understand
What real love feels like

I sometimes wonder if this is really happening
Or just a dream that will last a short time
But fear and doubt are no match for the happiness
When I look into your…

(hue inverted) Photo by Adel Gordon on Unsplash

I like to think
That in the morning the sun always rises
But it’s hard to believe
When you wait so long in the darkness

I feel like I’m broken
I’m afraid that I’m broken
Why do I struggle day after day?
How long must I feel this way?

The more time that passes
The more discouraging it is
I never want to give up hope, but
Nothing is ever as expected

And I’m getting tired.
There is no easy way out
But is there any way out at all?
Am I blinded by the darkness?
Or is the light too bright for me…

Here, I share with you the music I’ve come across that has a certain quality to it, rare and elusive. The kind of music that moves you so deeply in a way that you can’t understand or describe. The lyrics or music or video may make no sense to your brain, but it does to your soul. It’s beautifully cathartic and inspiring.

We All Bleed, by Crossfade

If you’ve ever been into rock and metal music in the 00s, I’m sure you’ve heard at least one or two of Crossfade’s songs. Back in 2004 they released their first album, self-titled, as is the standard with…

Photo by whereslugo on Unsplash

Deep trauma, I have come to find
Big or small, pain of any kind
Even when forgotten, lingers in the mind
And until released, it paints your life

Everything is seen through the lens of your scars
Every struggle a reflection of what happened before
Something that still remains trapped in your heart
Until it feels safe to open up, and restore

Love is the key when you’re ready to start
Time to release, heal your old aching scars
The pain will be fresh again for a while
Only asking to be expressed so you can move on and smile

Jake Duncan

Fascinated by all art forms. Currently juggling writing, poetry, music, drawing, and 3D art. https://linktr.ee/jake_duncan_art

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