Photo by whereslugo on Unsplash

Deep trauma, I have come to find
Big or small, pain of any kind
Even when forgotten, lingers in the mind
And until released, it paints your life

Everything is seen through the lens of your scars
Every struggle a reflection of what happened before
Something that still remains trapped in your heart
Until it feels safe to open up, and restore

Love is the key when you’re ready to start
Time to release, heal your old aching scars
The pain will be fresh again for a while
Only asking to be expressed so you can move on and smile

You were caught off-guard when it happened at first
It was too much for you and you buried the hurt
The pain still remains even if only unconscious
It must be faced once more for the healing process

Remember what awaits when this night transitions
The impending sunrise is beyond all imagination
Believe in the light when light is not your experience
It’s only a matter of time; you were never forsaken

Breathe, embrace the sky, know the earth is always with you

Fascinated by all art forms. Currently juggling writing, poetry, music, drawing, and 3D art.